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  Hi, my name is Stefano Tsai, a concept designer and 3D artist. I have been working in the game and entertainment industry since 2001. For past 14 years, I had the big honor to work for Softworld International Corporation, BlueDream Studios,PiXABLE studios, W+K ( Wieden + Kennedy), Siam Studios, Quest Online, RHYTHMS Monthly, Fantasy Foundation Publisher, Wisknow Publisher, Owl Publishing House, The Astonish Factory, Rava Inc, GranndTech, Gaeabooks, WINKING entertainment, Eurocom, NCsoft and recently SEGA The Creative assembly. Even though I have spent over 10 years working within the CG industry, I still feel so excited about future projects. My main focus is 3D pre-visualisation and concept for environments and mechanical assets.Both on Concept and actual production process. Here is a pretty long page, Please scroll down and click the thumbnails to see big images. I also update 3d or 2d study, Speed Modeling, sketches on tumblr and Facebook. if you want to follow me or give me your criticism or comment, you are very welcome. you can find me on Tumblr tumblror on Facebook facebook
  Specialties: *3D pre-visualisatio * Visual Mechanical Design * Robot Design *Spaceship Design * Environment Design * Conceptual Art * Modelling ↑Click to see new comics project's page
- 2, Nov ,2014 -
Many Thanks For Computer Space inviting me to talk about Sci-fi Design in Sofia, That was a great journey and met so many great talented person. Here are somel images of the presentation. Hope you like it. It is the facility for drones.
- 12, Sep ,2014 -
Thanks Cloud Imperium Games for giving me this amazing opportunity to take m50 from 2d concept to 3d. This was an awesome journey to work with the best talented people in the industrial. Many Thanks for Art Manager Sean Murphy all of great support, Chris Smith and Mark Skelton for so much great art direction and inspiration. Most important, Many Thanks for Chris Roberts to make this project happened, it is like the dream came true :D
  Hi, Here is the page for my new coming comics: BPI, I am working on the art and Novel writer Andrew Dilks will work on the story. We are aiming to publish the first chapter out before end of 2014. More information will come soon.
- 09 , March ,2014 -
update some images for Comic Project: one new class ship WIP images, Also, Andy Dilks has made huge progress of story, He is totally awesome...so talented.. His story now had became my huge inspiration for this project.漫畫小更新,一艘新的級別艦。另外小說家Andy Dilks也有大幅度故事進度,愈來愈精采了
- 23 , Feb ,2014 -
quick update the COMIC main character:Becky, it is still in wip stage, but it shows the style I want to put into the book. Hope you like it.
- 10 , Feb ,2014 -
quick update the COMIC project: Here is a cover art,  I pushed it a bit to abstract side and had some fun to add those lines and strokes like materials onto ship's surface. Right iame is the space carreir. It is huge, flights can take off and departure from its top shell's gap.
- 28, Jan ,2014 -
Update for the comic project: This will be the main art style for this ship. It is a bit old russian mechanical language and the ship was built by the company call '' Blue Patrol Industrial. It's heavy stuff :D Right GIF animation is a 360 render of control desk.For higher resolution, please click here.
- 1 ~ 6 , Nov ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: some spaceship design for my own comic. tried to find out the best shape for it and figure out how does it look like at the damaged stage. That was all done in Photoshop, I used some my 3dmax models to paint over to get the roughly ideas.


- 25th, Sep ,2013 -
WIP of The factory production-line, Here is the wider shot for the military scout robot's factory. You can see few scientists and engineers, I added a special one on the left side of the image with a smiley face. ''Here is a short 5 seconds video'', Hope you like it :D
- 9, Sep ,2013 -
quick Daily Study:This morning started working on the scene of factory for the scout robot. alot of details need to put in later on.Here is a quick screenshot. Right is 3dmax's viewport and left is Vray render window.
- 30, Aug ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: I did a render test this morning to get the mood I want in the film. It's a rough test
- 5, Sep ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: Here are some updates form the military scout robot I did for last 3 weeks for Stan Winston Contest. I didn't win in the end, but learned alot and had a lot of fun. For more WIP of this, Please visit my facebook page,Thanks :D
- 25, June ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: Here is the update for the base structure for the blocking tower of Obsidian Reverie.Original idea and concept came from Bradley Wright. Finally, I had put all of elements together to shape the bottom frames .
- 27, June ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: more update for the blocking tower of Obsidian Reverie. After Brad showed me his own blocking 3d concept, the blocking is so much big than I thought original. It's pretty cool, awesome looking and lovely scale. so I made my 3d blocking tower much bigger to fit his new concept, almost doubled the size and added some AD boards and temp buildings for measure the scale.
- 15 ~ 21, June ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: some early morning study I did from 15th, June to 21th June. This time I picked up car design again and tried to find some fun from it. not boxy car, but more flow into the car body. The middle image, I tried to play with more colors scheme. The right image, I put it into magazine's page( fake it) wanted to bring old 80th car advertising style.
- 05 ~ 10, June ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: some early morning study I did from 5th, June to 10th June. The left image was inspired by Boeing MQ-18, it's such a beautiful aircraft design. The middle one is a quick study for classic car with new wheel system in. This is the shot from the bottom.The right image is for the bench design in my train staion study.
- 04 , June ,2013 -
Study of car design
quick Daily Study: try to put into a environment and change its colours scheme
↑- 01 , June ,2013 -
Study of car design: Early morning quick study for car design, use the wheel system I built few days ago as the base to develop, try to keep it high-tech looking and clean.
pre-viz study 03
- 28th , May ,2013 -
Study of train station
more set study for upcoming tutorials, use one corridor's section I built last week to extend to the front part of train station. I am thinking to add one escalator in front of this section.
- 03 , June ,2013 -
Study of car design
quick Daily Study: update more details from this weekend early morning study, close up to front panels, added more exciting colours scheme and some decals for bringing car to the life.
pre-viz study
- 22th , May ,2013 -
Study of Engineering Corridors
Some lunch time quick 3d study since last week, It is Corridor only. Try to find out the best Combination between lighting and materials.

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- 11th, May ,2013 -
WIP of The enforcement vehicle
Zoomed out the camera a bit and small update
for TV's screen, now it has proper UI to display.
Also, I spent time on lighting colours to match
the wooden floor.
- 7th, May ,2013 -
WIP of The enforcement vehicle ( Original concept from Bradley) Here are some small updates, added signs, tools, TV...etc. Need to finish up the ceiling details and some moving characters in the background.and some specialized tool sets near two front bikes.
- 29th, April ,2013 -
WIP of The enforcement vehicle
I was too busy at work,
didn't have time to develop it for last 2 weeks.
but I show a bit factory instead.
- 1st, April ,2013 -
Speedmodel for Comic : Alone in the space 68 days
update some speed models that was done for comic page, that help me alot to get the right shapes and nail down what I want. this is the process before ink's shader kick in 3dmax.
- 25th, March ,2013 -
This is the pre-viz concept of city blocks for the animation project: Obsidian Reverie. The original idea came from Bradley Wright. We took his brilliant idea to develop and visualize it together.Basically, the bottom of tower is more similar to European buildings, middle part contains more structure elements,support items and top of the tower has more sci-fi looking. The image I show here is only bottom part and a bit of middle section.
WIP of Comic_: Alone in the space 68 days ........ - 31th, March ,2013 -
Here are few test pages for my personal sci-fi comic, I started to work on this story mid of last year, it has been changed few time since I finished the original version.
Here are four quick screenshots, Basically, I created 3d models in 3dmax and rendered them out by built-in toon shader with mental Ray engine.
↑- 21th, March ,2013 -
Speedmodel of March
Tried something quick to block out some
military vehicles in 3dmax.
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- 3th, February ,2013 -
This is some ship design for the dragon
carrier. I updated some rear parts, can see
some cages beside the belly and two engines
that are powered by magic. It generates the heat and motivates the steampower to supply
all energy need on the ship. will update some
front parts next time.
More to see below

- 20th, January,2013 -
Started adding the canopy for the vehicle ,here are two images of what I have so far.
I used alot of reference from aircraft's bubble canopy, but cut it a half. There are
still some details I need to add, such as heating system, safety equipment ,some
decals from factory and lock-system and its sensors will need to be installed too.
I am still researching what is the best solution to make canopy close properly.
By the way, we will need something for emergency too, that give the opportunity
for driver to open it from inside.

- 7th, January,2013 -
Added front wheel system, tyre and had started to shape the exterior
skin.I were working on front sensor box yesterday's lunch time at the
office. It will be installed near to the front tyre and will be connected to
central computer. And for making the proper working environments, I need to add alot of related working
tool, such as lift, working platforms, shelf, computers...etc, will start
adding them into the scene. This time, I really want to build full-HD image and render out the video in
in the end. so the target will be as real as possible.


↓The enforcement vehicle is for the small unprofitable project calls '' Obsidian Reverie'' ↓

The original concept comes from Bradley Wright , you can see the image below, http://bradleywright.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/19.jpg
He is a very talented artist, there are so many cool concept from his website, you can check it out, http://bradleywright.wordpress.com/
I started modelling the main hull from this weekend, will keep updating for next couple of weeks


.....↓ More older stuff ↓

↓ Robot Factory ↓
The robot concept comes from Bjorn Hurri,
I started this long time ago around 2010, if
you want to see more WIP, you can go to
steamsuit section below to browse all of old
images. For the reason of this image is to
build the environment for its production line.
below is the first WIP image.
↓ Cafe Design, This is a pre-viz Interior project in 2012
Art Director: Bruton Jones, Designer: StefanoTsai










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↓ Dragon Carrier ↓
Continue the story of dragon hunter, this is the port for shipping dragons to other city.

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↓ Dragon Hunter ↓
Use 3d base for painting over, it was rendered by 3dmax into many elements and put together by photoshop.


↓ Steamsuit ↓
The original concept comes from my good friend and mate,
his name is Bjorn Hurri.
He is a really talented conceptual artist,
I am lucky to have the honour to work with him at SEGA/The Creative Assembly.
He made this robot for fun during his lunch,
http://cghub.com/images/view/6103/ ( Click the link to see his original webpage of this robot.)
I like it alot and have been thinking to model this for a long time.
Finally, this was kicked off few weeks before. I started to use my lunch time to model his master piece.
He has a website, I put a link below and you have to check out his cg works, a lot of cool stuff
The thing is, the cg work he shows there is only a little corner of his sketchbooks.
He is like a crazy concept making machine( I meant he is a man, however, is crazy like a machine)
Anyway, I have to get back to the topic for this page,
I started this steam suit from its main body, modelled its skin and underlying structure,
so that I can add most of the main pieces seamlessly later.




↓ Steam Factory ↓
HI, Folks, I had started a new image for entering CG Challenges from CG Talk, hope you will like it.



↓ Steam Transformer ↓
After I had finished the image of Airship Station , I think it's a time to do something different from sci-fi, so here we go. My plan is to create a fantasy style robot..It must be
very fantasy,so I can tell myself, this image is not sci-fi again :D I used Sunday to give it a go, start to model the middle part of the robot, it's the control room.




↓ Airship Station ↓
Thank so much for everyone's support in CG Talk WIP forum. You gave me so many very good ideas and encouragement.Especially from Kad,
you gave me so many professional opinions and your cg works' colors and lighting bring me so much inspiration.
You are the Man :D This image was my dream.I really hoped I can make some images about the factory of sci-fi airship in the future when I was a kid.
the image gave me so much fun to make it from the rough draft. Try to imagine I am a engineer :D
I used 3dmax to model these objects and brought it into Photoshop for adjusting colors and adding smoke's FX.




The Super-Jet truck and its maintenance crew





↓ Old Works ↓



↓ Magazines Illustrations ↓
↓Rhythms Monthly ↓Rhythms Monthly: Japan Earthquack ↓Rhythms Monthly: TBM ↓Rhythms Monthly



↓ Novel Covers Illustration and Design ↓
↓Novel Cover: Second Foundation 2005
↓Novel Cover: I, Robot 2006
↓Novel Cover: Foundation
2005-4 2005-4
↑Novel Cover: Foundation
↑Novel Cover: Foundation Series 2005
↑Novel Cover: The Stars Like Dust 2006
↑Novel Cover: Foundation Series 2005
↑Novel Poster 2003


↓ Personal Works ↓
↓Chinese Dream
↓The Fantastic Toy 2005
↓Personal Comic
↓Personal Comic
↑Personal Art 2005
↑Personal Art 2005



↓ 3D Comics : The Dreamland Chronicles ↓
This was the most amazing journey in my life, I started working on this project
when I left my first company, that was about 2003.
That was so much fun to work with Scott.
I have tons of environments were made since 2003, it's about 9 years time.
Need to find the time to update all of them soon.
The Dreamland Chronicles: Comics
The Dreamland Chronicles: Comics



↓ 3D TV Cartoon: Background ↓
This is for 3D Cartoon in US 2005-2006, I worked with Scott and Frank. Time was pretty tough,
I only had one day to complete one environments, but there was so much fun.
↓TV Cartoons
↓TV Cartoons
↓TV Cartoons
↓The Zoo: TV Cartoon
↓The Zoo: TV Cartoon
↓The Zoo: TV Cartoon




↓ Few assets for films ↓
↓Film Assets
↓Film Assets
↓Film Assets




↓ Student Works: Those are few images form my university's 3D works in 2000 ↓
↓Student Works 2000
↓Student Works 2000
↓Student Works 2000
↓Student Works 2000





↓ Old Low-Polys Game Assets ↓
↑Game Art, PlayStation3 2007
↑Game Art, PlayStation3 2007
↑Game Art, PlayStation3 2007
↑Game Art, PC Online 2006
↑Game Art, PlayStation3 2007
Game Art, PlayStation3 2007







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